Recent History

In Amalfi, I am told,

nights don’t feel as lonely as they do in Central Square.

(He whispers stories in my ears like the

sea slips songs into conch shells.)


His father was a fisherman, and as a boy he’d linger

by the pale, lapping water.

(I ask if he was scared; he does not understand.

Scared of what? My father was right beside me.)


I had a dog when I was younger who

drowned in a lake by my home. My father used a burlap sack, secured with twine.

(On Sunday he buys coffee beans,

wrapped carefully in canvas.)


In Amalfi, he tells me, we will walk beneath

starlight, not streetlamps.

(I tell him there are stars here too, in hiding.)


2 thoughts on “Recent History

  1. You are insanely talented! It has been an honor, and time well spent, reading a lot of your work this afternoon.I can’t wait to continue reading what you share. Beautiful work, truly! Thank you!


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